From The Start

If I would have know from the start what you feel inside by giving you little chance to explain. Trying to understand what your love can do to me. Never  thought it could been this way. No…no…no it’s not so easy trusting you with my heart. Can you be the one who make my dreams come true

From the start you’ve been an angel to my life. You’ve been my closest friend. Someone I can hold, I can trust. Never let me be alone. Laugh and cry you’re  there beside me. Help me find myself in you’re loving care. Now I love you with my heart. Yes…you loved me still from the start.

I know it’s hard to believe how love can be so strong. After all this time I have found someone who can let go off my fear.

Kata-kata diatas sebenarnya adalah lirik lagu dengan judul From the Start, dari Album Jatuh Cinta produksi Chosen One. Aku dedikasikan lagu ini untuk sahabatku yang Sabtu lalu, yes, pas Valentine’s day, menerima lamaran dari seseorang yang pastinya menjadi orang yang paling bahagia di dunia karena diterima lamarannya sama sahabatku ini..;-)

Selamat yak!


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