Ten Days of Constant Prayer – 21 – 30 May

Ten Days of Constant Prayer – 21 – 30 May

Gather in creative ways. Many are forming prayer chains to build bonfires of 24-hours-a-day prayer. Others will meet for an hour or two of focused prayer. Some will be fasting. Look for how the Holy Spirit may give you fresh ways to pray with family and friends.

Children are praying! Let’s involve children as equal partners in our praying. A special version of this prayer guide has been prepared for children. It will help many families pray together and find creative ways to help children lift their voices along with others. Find it at http://www.globaldayofprayer.com/children.

Young adults will be praying around the clock. Young people have been seeking God with an intensity that has rarely been seen in history. In many countries they’ll be rallying in non-stop prayer throughout the ten days. Young people have prepared a special rendition of this prayer guide designed to catalyze and concentrate the prayers of young people of any age. Find this companion version at http://www.globaldayofprayer.com/youth.

Pray with different languages. This guide is being translated into about 50 languages so that many millions of Christians the world over will be praying these prayers. See http://www.globaldayofprayer.com to find available translations. Pray globally. Gather locally.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer

To focus our praying: The prayer of our Lord. To help us pray with united hearts and minds during the ten days to Pentecost, we’ll follow the prayer that our Lord taught us to pray.

To unite our praying: A prayer for the world. Across the globe on 31 May we’ll lift our voices as one with the Prayer For The World on pages 12-14. Why not pray through this daily during these special days?