DAY 1: THURSDAY 2 June 2011. REVIVE!

DAY 1: THURSDAY 2 June 2011
REVIVE! …Our Father who is in heaven…

Father God, You are the creator and father of all nations.
You sustain us by the power of your word.
We acknowledge that You alone are worthy to receive all praise and honour and glory.
As Christians from around the world, we enter into your presence through the new and
living way that Jesus Christ opened for us by his blood, to kneel at the throne of grace.
We pray that you will revive the Church again through your Holy Spirit.
Answer the prayer of Jesus that we, as Church, will unite and stand as one family
before You.
We pray for those believers who have fallen away that You will draw them back to You
and bring them to repentance.
You are faithful and true to your promises.
Please reveal to us your loving, compassionate and merciful father’s heart.
Help us to obey your commandments and to trust You completely for our salvation, our
sanctification and our daily walk.
Touch the hearts of millions of believers around the world to persist in prayer until we
see the fulfilment of all your promises.
Release fresh movements of prayer in every nation of the world so that this generation
may accomplish the purposes You have for each one of us.
Here am I, Lord, send me.





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