DAY 6: TUESDAY, 7 June 2011. FORGIVE!

                              DAY 6: TUESDAY, 7 June 2011
FORGIVE! …Forgive us our sins…
To You, our God, belong mercy and forgiveness, for You are merciful and gracious, slow to
anger, abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.
You forgive iniquity, transgression and sin.
The blood of your Son, Jesus Christ, has been poured out for the forgiveness of sin, and
through his blood we are cleansed from all our iniquities.
Let the blood of Jesus speak on our behalf at the throne of grace.
Forgive us for our sinful ways.
May the blood of Jesus sanctify us and cleanse our conscience from acts that lead to death.
Empower us through the Holy Spirit to break the hold of sin over our lives, so that we will
abandon patterns of sin and find grace to renounce any allegiance to the powers of
Let your Holy Spirit move on the hearts of men and women to convict them of sin and bring
them to repentance through godly sorrow.
Soften our hearts to see how lives are destroyed through sins that bring about war, poverty
and injustice.
Give us a new spirit and a new heart to obey your commands and bring joy to your heart.
Thank You for your patience towards us and for your desire that all people will come to




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